Trivia / Castlevania 64

  • Fan Nickname: As noted in the main page, the game is properly named Castlevania, but it is more commonly known as Castlevania 64.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Cornell was planned to be playable in the original game from the beginning, and his alternate costume in Legacy of Darkness was what he was going to wear originally.
    • Carmilla was poised to be a boss.
    • Instead of Henry in Legacy of Darkness, a large shotgun-wielding man named Coller was a playable character (he ended up being recycled into the chainsaw-wielding Frankenstein).
      • Coller was also supposed to have a female rival, only known as "Coller 2".
    • The bad end for Carrie was originally going to have more weight to it, with Malus' engagement ring being an item that would increase stats.
    • Fernandez Warrior was originally supposed to be Sypha from Dracula's Curse.