Trivia / Carrie Underwood

  • Black Sheep Hit: Inverted. "Don't Forget to Remember Me" and "Some Hearts", the follow-ups to "Jesus, Take the Wheel" (the former was released to country, the latter to AC) are among her least-remembered songs perhaps due to their getting lost in the shuffle between the monstrous "Jesus, Take the Wheel" and even bigger "Before He Cheats". In fact, "Don't Forget to Remember Me" was hobbled by the fact that some stations had started spinning "Before He Cheats" a good 20 weeks before it was confirmed as a single. "Don't Forget" and "Some Hearts" are her only singles that have not gone gold or higher.
    • "Mama's Song" seems to be the same way, as it broke her streak of #1 hits on the Mediabase country singles charts.note 
  • Dawson Casting: Since the girl in "Blown Away" can't seem to escape her abusive father, it implies that she's still in high school and under his care. Carrie was 29 when she made the video, and while she's gorgeous and very youthful looking, it's a stretch to believe her as a teenager.