[[folder:The Film]]
* FakeAmerican: Creator/KateWinslet (British) and Christoph Waltz (Austrian) playing an American couple.
* NoBudget: Averted. Despite taking place mostly in one set and having only four speaking parts, the film still cost $25 million to make. Though this may have been due to the unavoidable decision to shoot in Paris.

[[folder:The Comic]]
* FanNickname: Carnage-Man during his ''ComicBook/{{AXIS}}'' miniseries.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** He was originally going to be called Ravage, until it was found out that DC Comics had recently come out with a character of that name.
** Concept art for [[http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/TastyBurgerReviews/news/?a=73588 the cancelled sequel]] to ''VideoGame/SpiderManWebOfShadows'' shows Carnage would have been a villain.