Trivia: Care Bears

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  • Blooper: As with My Little Pony, this is a series that stars a number of characters who look essentially the same, so animation mistakes run rampant.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Jeff Gordon - television - is a director and producer and storyboard artist for shows such as Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks and Histeria!. Not the same individual as the NASCAR legend.
    • The Story Editor in the first episode of Welcome to Care-a-Lot is no other than Amy Keating Rogers. She is one of the headwritters of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. In fact, Keating Rogers is apparently the staff story editor, as there haven't been any others so far.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Sort of. Billie Mae Richards, the voice of Tender Heart Bear in the first two films and the DIC TV series, and Jim Henshaw, the voice of Bright Heart Raccoon in the first two films, had their roles switched in the Nelvana TV series.
    • The Latin American Spanish versions does this to ridiculous levels, because not only they switched out voice actors, they also switched voice acting studios and even studios from different countries. Just to give an idea, here is the whole story: The movies (with the exception of the Nutcracker Suite special) and the DiC TV series were dubbed in Mexico (and each movie were dubbed with different voice actors, with the only exception of Tender Heart Bear's VA), the first half of the Nelvana TV series were dubbed in Chile and the second half (when Shreeky appears for first time) was dubbed in Venezuela and the most recent specials and TV series are dubbed in Argentina right now.
    • Since the TV specials, many characters went through this. See here for voice history.
  • No Export for You: Oddly enough, Japan only got the second movie (A New Generation) of the original movie trilogy and none of the animated series until the 2000's direct-to-video specials. Taking into account the Japanese (and mostly East Asian) taste for anything cute and cuddly, it's really odd that the franchise skipped those audiences for many years.
    • Given that American Greetings actually have a child company running in Malaysia (Memory Lane), it's especially weird that Care Bears merchandise has been ridiculously hard to get in the country. AiCAL was introduced very late into the franchise' life, aired only once on Cartoon Network (same as Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Bitty Adventures), and the DVD release is a case of Bad Export for You in that the two episodes that made up the Down to Earth special was never released, and WtCAL was only available on Boomerang in Asia, which is not available in Malaysia (and since the shutdown of the South East Asian feed, not available anywhere in South East Asia). Also, AiCAL era merch were not available in the country, and the only WtCAL merch available in the country are toddler clothing- for some reason, the other merchandises are still stuck in the 1980s era designs.
  • Trope Namer
    • Care Bear Stare: After a non-fatal attack (and later, also a healing maneuver) typically employed in the series.
    • Grumpy Bear: After a character from the series: A dark blue Care Bear with a raincloud on its tummy.