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Trivia: Captain N: The Game Master
  • Actor Allusion: Levi Stubbs plays Mother Brain, who sounds and acts exactly like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • Cowboy Bebop at His Computer: "Oh, hey there, Kid Icarus... Uhh, not going by Pit anymore, I take it?"
    • This was actually deliberately done so the cast would be forced to say the name of Pit's video game as much as possible, thus increasing brand awareness.
    • Mother Brain is the evil ruler of planet Metroid (not Zebes). Actual Metroids only show up briefly in the comic.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Mother Brain's VA is Four Tops singer Levi Stubbs, better known as the blood-craving plant Audrey II on the movie adaptation of Little Shop of Horrors.
    • Four of the actors went on to provide voices in Beast Wars: Gary Chalk (King Hippo, Donkey Kong, additional) would play Optimus Primal, Doug Parker (Mega Man) would play Terrorsaur, James Ian Corlett (Dr. Wily) would play Cheetor, and Venus Terzo (Princess Lana) would play Black Arachnia. Incidentially, Corlett would voice Mega Man in the Ruby-Spears cartoon.
    • Frank Welker (too many credits to reference) voiced Game Boy. Welker used the same voice he used as J.I.N.X. the robot in SpaceCamp.
    • Kevin himself is voiced by Matt Hill.
    • Lana's father is voiced by Long John Baldry, best known as the voice of Sega's leading villian. Gary Chalk and Ian James Corlett would also play Grounder and Coconuts, respectively in that same series.
    • Kid Icarus is voiced by Alessandro Juliani. You might know him best as the ill-fated Lt. Felix Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica, the genius detective, L, from the show Death Note, or as Emil Hamilton on Smallville.
      • He also reunited with three of the above-mentioned actors when he played Nightscream on Beast Machines (guess which actors).
    • If the appearance of Link, Zelda and Ganon weren't enough for the series, they have the same voices they had on The Super Mario Brothers Super Show's Zelda cartoon.
    • The Eggplant Wizard is voiced by Michael Donovan, who years later went on to voice Mr. Greenrind (a watermelon) and quite a few of the fruity characters on Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island.
  • Missing Episode: At least in the DVD set.
    • The aforementioned Clip Show episode for the aforementioned reason.
    • "How's Bayou", well, sorta... There were two versions of the episode. The original was never completed, due to time constraints, but when the series was picked up for syndication, a second, more common version was shown with additional scenes and dialogue to keep the storyline in place, but with other dialogue taken out as well. Only the original was included on the DVD set, and the more common syndicated version is nowhere to be found in that set.
  • Recursive Adaptation: One of the NES games featured was "Puss in Boots: Pero's Great Adventure". Which was itself was based on an Anime movie based on two different works of classic literature (Puss in Boots and Around the World in Eighty Days).
  • What Could Have Been: The original premise was drastically different.

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