Trivia / Capcom

  • Cash Cow Franchise: Capcom has two of them: Street Fighter and Resident Evil. Monster Hunter too has established itself as a huge moneymaker, although this is mostly limited to Japan. In the past, Mega Man used to be this, but in recent years, a steady decline in sales for this series made Capcom cancel several of its entries and put it on the backburner.
  • Creator Backlash: Many people that have been fired, have at one point collaborated or quit from the studio, like PlatinumGames (formerly Capcom's Clover Studios), Suda51, and Keiji Inafune have come to despise a lot of Capcom's policies. A lot of them were especially upset when Mega Man Legends 3 was canceled, to the point where CyberConnect2 wants to take over said project.
    • Averted however, with PlatinumGames founder Hideki Kamiya, who despite issues with Capcom back when he was there, has gone on record saying that he would love the opportunity to work with Capcom again, with him considering it his old home and having a lot of respect for the company.
  • Creator Killer: Python Anghelo's rumored Zingy Bingy project (which never made it past the prototype stage) was this for Capcom's pinball division. According to Mark Ritchie, and composer Bryan Hansen, Zingy Bingy was a pornographic-themed pinball game.