Trivia / Cagney & Lacey

  • Missing Episode: When reruning Cagney & Lacey, Lifetime omitted the first season episodes featuring Meg Foster as Cagney. The DVD release does likewise, labeling the second season (featuring Sharon Gless as Cagney) as the first season.
  • The Other Darrin: Loretta Swit played Cagney in the Made-for-TV Movie, but wasn't available for the series. Meg Foster played her for the first season before being replace by Sharon Gless, who played her for the rest of the run.
  • Referenced by...: Parodied in MAD as "Grabme & Spacey."
    "We're Starsky & Hutch! We want to report a robbery! Somebody stole our show and replaced us with two women detectives!"
  • Un-Canceled: Became this thanks to a letter-writing campaign.
  • Unintentional Period Piece:
    • What we see as regards gender roles (i.e. women being accepted in a traditionally male occupation, but only recently and with occasional misgivings), The Big Rotten Apple nature of the New York setting, occasional examples of '80s Hair and fashions, the presence of typewriters and rotary dial phones in the squadroom, etc. date the show to the period it's made.
    • Also in comeback feature Cagney And Lacey: The Return (set in the '90s) has Mary-Beth Lacey trying to find another job (having since retired from the force) when Harvey takes ill and can no longer work; as she doesn't want to return to police-type worknote  a lot of the jobs she tries for are clerical/secretarial work, but she fails at interviews due to lack of computer skills (she's typed plenty of reports, but only on a typewriter). Computers at this point were just becoming ubiquitous and it was still possible to be out of work for just a few years and never have come into regular contact with one.