Trivia: C.O.P.S.

TV Series

  • Adored by the Network: Since it pulls in decent ratings, has rock-bottom production costs, and has a pretty deep episode library, it's become the all-purpose spackle to fill in the holes on Spike TV's schedule.
  • Channel Hop: It went from Fox to Spike TV in fall 2013.
  • Money, Dear Boy: One of the reason why many people allow their likenesses to appear unblurred is because the producers pay for it, which likely covers the associated court and jail costs.

COPS Cartoon show

  • Dueling Shows: More of a Dueling Merchandise with the cartoon series of Police Academy; just look at the gimmicks of both toylines.
    • The same with Kenner's Robocop line, as both featured cap-firing gimmicks.