Trivia / Brickleberry

  • Adored by the Network: Was renewed twice despite low ratings and practically every review (on- and offline) ripping the show apart for being yet another animated sitcom trying to be edgy and vulgar like Family Guy post-2005 (or South Park in its early days). As of January 2015, the show has been canceled.
  • Playing Against Type: Woody is a lot more vulgar than Tom Kenny's usual roles (usually he plays cheery goofballs and comically serious authoritative types in fare that's rated G to PG-13note ). His supporting roles (such as Dr. Kuzniak, which actually is similar to that one time he played Dr. Fist on The Cleveland Show, but Dr. Fist is not like Dr. Kuzniak) are just as vulgar.
  • The Other Darrin: In season one, Kaitlin Olson ("Sweet Dee" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) voiced Ethel. In season two, she was replaced with Natasha Leggero (Callie from Ugly Americans).