Trivia / Breath of Fire IV

  • Completely Different Title: The manga adaptation is officially called Utsurowazarumono - Breath of Fire IV in Japan, while the source material is present as a subtitle in the proper official name, many references and print information that the publisher makes to reference the manga only uses Utsurowazarumono, so is not unheard of some people not knowing that the manga known as Utsurowazarumono is the fourth Breath of Fire game's official adaptation.
  • Defictionalization: Copies of the "Dragon Tear" (in this case, a magatama) were distributed as promo items. (These can occasionally be found on Amazon Japan, but generally from No Export for You vendors.)
  • Fan Translation: An unofficial English translation of the manga adaptation exists via Something-Or-Other Scanlations which was completed in full.
  • No Export for You: Much like the PSP version of the third game, the PC version was never released in North America.