Trivia / Brand New Day

  • Fan Nickname:
    • Anti-OMD(and/or)BND peeps tend to lump EVERYTHING post-OMD under the flag of Brand New Day, even though technically it was only the 1st load of arcs that were BND. That's about the nicest nickname the antis can call it.
    • Marvel acknowledged this. Most of their staff were referring to all Spider-Man comics between issues #546 and #647 as Brand New Day. They even used it a marketing device, announcing a shift to a twice-a-month format and replacing multiple writers with one as "The end of Brand New Day". That, however, has not stopped fans continuing to label the stories as "BND", and this will likely continue until the day someone restores the "proper timeline".
    • Speaking of multiple writers, their team was called "Spidey Braintrust".
  • Name's the Same: Here at the very least, where "BND" has another reason to make you shiver.