Trivia: Boston Legal

  • Actor Allusion:
    • There's quite a few jabs at William Shatner's iconic Captain Kirk role, such as when Denny is given a cellphone by one of his many girlfriends and it makes the Star Trek communicator beeping sound whenever he flips it open.
    • Also, when describing a parasitic water bug,
    Alan: They call them cling-ons.
    Denny: Did you say Klingons!?
    • The third season episode "Son of the Defender" used footage from the 1950's Defender TV movie featuring Shatner to present Denny as a young attorney clashing with his father. It was surprisingly emotional.
    • In one episode, Valerie Bertinelli appeared as a guest character, and her appearance was heralded with the theme from One Day at a Time, the show that made her a star.
  • Actor-Shared Background: Denny Crane's larger-than-life persona, and his anxieties about being washed-up. One could argue that Shatner fits that bill and in many ways Denny is a reflection of himself. Especially Denny doing Priceline commercials. David E Kelley mentioned wanting William Shatner for the role precisely because he would fit perfectly and was willing to poke fun at himself.
  • Fake American: Canadian William Shatner as staunch, gun-loving Denny Crane.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Nicknamed the "science fiction retirement home" for featuring Captain Kirk, Odo (who clearly prefers working with Sisko), Daniel Jackson, SAL 9000 and Seven of Nine among others.
    • Taken even further in a third season episode with Odo and Quark, who are described as "old friends," arguing with each other.
    • Zhora appeared as Beverly Bridge, Denny's girlfriend and eventual (for about half an hour) seventh wife.
    • Guest starring Neelix. And the voice of Leela, if you're in to that kind of thing.
    • Looks like Murphy Brown has a successful legal career after broadcasting.
    • Now Gina Torres (Zoe on Firefly) has appeared too.
  • I Am Not Spock: For a lot of people, this show was responsible for William Shatner not just being Captain Kirk. In fact inverted, now people make Denny Crane jokes about old Star Trek episodes.
  • You Might Remember Me from...: Candice Bergen's earlier claim to fame was on the long-running sitcom Murphy Brown.
    • And Christian Clemenson played sidekick to Bruce Campbell as another lawyer, Socrates Poole, in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr..
      • Perhaps more relevantly, Clemenson played Spader's brother in Bad Influence.
      • John Larroquette, who joined the cast as the straight-laced Deadpan Snarker Carl Sack is certainly better known for playing a lawyer, who was the complete opposite on Night Court, Dan Fielding.