Trivia / Bosom Buddies

  • The Cast Showoff:
    • Isabelle the most often to demonstrate Telma Hopkins's singing voice.
    • During the telethon episode, Hanks and Scolari demonstrated their juggling talents.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune: Tom Hanks sang the theme song and the rest of the cast provided backing vocals.
  • Executive Meddling: The producers found that after they made the compromise to keep the series' Disguised in Drag premise, they were otherwise left alone to do the series as they wanted for the albeit short run, including shoving the disguise trope into the background.
  • Old Shame: Averted. Although Tom Hanks went on to become on the world's most bankable leading men he never distanced himself from the show, is still good friends with his castmates, and happily gets together with them for retrospectives. He later cast Peter Scolari as Pete Conrad in From the Earth to the Moon before the role had to be recast because the producers realized that Scolari was too tall for the role. Both Scolari and Hanks returned for a cameo in the Bosom Buddies segment of The Greatest Event in Television History.