Trivia: Boomerang

  • While some have complained about how Boomerang is normally only available on relatively-high-tier satellite and digital cable packages, it should be noted that Boomerang was funded solely by subscription costs; this is why it aired no outside advertising for a good while. This happened until November 2013, when Boomerang started airing limited commercial advertising between breaks as part of Cartoon Network's plan to rebrand Boomerang into a family animation channel.
  • Notably, Boomerang used Cartoon Network's classic "checkerboard" logo as part of its own logo until the rebranding; this was perhaps to keep the "classic" feel that Boomerang is meant to evoke alive.
  • Sometimes, a new Cartoon Network show (usually an import) would air on Boomerang for a few months. This is because some cable systems carry Boomerang, but not Cartoon Network (due to the presence of [adult swim]) and CN would run those shows on Boomerang to give it more exposure.