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Trivia: Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
  • Big Name Fan: Aron Carter, and Amy Poehler if you believe that.
  • Creative Differences: Usually with record labels, and sometimes each other.
  • Development Hell:
    • A lot of their own artists have yet to release albums (save for 2 groups). Some eventually left their label.
    • Uni5: The World's Enemy album. It went through a frustrating amount of delays and pushbacks. Originally scheduled for a early 09 release but was perpetually pushed back to May of 2010. Where finally, finally, the hell stopped and the Thugs became real people.
  • Executive Meddling / Music Is Politics: One of the group's major problems.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Most fans wonder about what the group could have been if they managed to keep it together, despite the internal conflicts, and avoided Executive Meddling. Also see Development Hell.
    • A lot of fans felt that they, and other Midwestern rappers, missed a golden opportunity to form a strong coalition similar to the east, south, and west coast scene. Instead they beefed with each other during most of the mid 90's.
    • Their one time rival Twista, so much as admitted that they screwed up, saying, "Instead of gettin' money together we were bitchin' over styles, I ain't no muthafuckin' ho about it."

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