Trivia / Bob Seger

  • Black Sheep Hit:
    • His version of "Shame on the Moon" (originally by country singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell) managed to get some airplay on country radio.
    • The Oscar-nominated "Shakedown", from the Beverly Hills Cop II soundtrack, was his only #1 despite sounding nothing like the rest of his music. In fact, it wasn't even supposed to be his song: it was originally given to Glenn Frey, but he lost his voice on the day of the session and Seger was called in as a replacement.
  • Creator Backlash / Keep Circulating the Tapes: Seger refuses to allow most of his early material (including the '60s garage-rock singles with the Last Heard and such albums as Noah, Brand New Morning, and Back in '72) to be officially reissued on CD.
  • Development Hell: Ride Out was originally supposed to be released in Fall 2012, but didn't come out until two years later.
  • Genre Adultery: Regarded as among the best heartland and blues rockers of the 1970s onward, Seger had an unexpected country crossover hit in 1983 with "Shame On the Moon." While failing to chart country, several of his other songs, including "Fire Lake" from 1980, also had strong country elements about them.
  • Sequel Gap: He usually released an album every 1-2 years, but as of the mid-80s, new albums came out every 4-5 years. Face the Promise (2006) was released eleven years after his previous album, It's a Mystery (1995). His next album, Ride Out, released eight years later in 2014.
  • Throw It In: The piano intro to "Old Time Rock and Roll" was only meant to be played once, but it ended up being played twice due to a missed cue.
  • Vindicated by Reruns: "Old Time Rock and Roll" only got to #28, but is his Signature Song.