Trivia / Bluebeard

  • What Could Have Been: Was almost a Disney film!
    • It would have presumably been based on a Basque version in which the heroine ends up a princess.
    • Though if you think about it, doesn't the whole forbidden room and key sound like it was borrowed by "Beauty and the Beast"?
      • Which is ironic, since "Beauty and the Beast" and "Bluebeard" ultimately tell opposite morals: Bluebeard warns women not to take charming men by their first appearance, and trust their instincts to protect them from bad men; B&tB tells women to give scary men a chance, since they can be good on the inside (though they need to prove it first). In fact, Disney's Beauty and the Beast seems to take the best elements of both stories, and merges it into a beautiful tale that develops both leads, rather than focusing on just the girl's story.