Trivia / Blondie

Comic strip
  • Defictionalization: Very large sandwiches are now known as "Dagwoods" in some parts of the United States. (Including this very wiki!)
  • Milestone Celebration: The 75th anniversary of the strip, which involved a Massive Multiplayer Crossover of various other comic strips.
  • Outlived Its Creator: Chic Young died in 1973, but Blondie keeps on chugging along.
  • Recycled Script: Not surprising for such a long runner. Examples include a strip where the Bumsteads and the Woodleys couldn't agree on what movie to go and see and going to rent a video instead didn't solve the problem, and one where in an earlier version, Blondie could not get herself to overcome her revulsion toward a statuette that Dagwood had bought and which was recycled at least twice with Dagwood having a similar reaction to Blondie's new hairstyle.

  • Breakaway Pop Hit: "Call Me" was the biggest hit of 1980 and an all-time classic for the band. Many listeners are likely unaware of the existence of the Richard Gere movie American Gigolo, for which it was written.
  • Breakthrough Hit: Prior to 1979 and the release of Parallel Lines, the band had a cult following but not a mainstream one. Then, they rang in 1979 with a daftly new sound: a mix of disco and a mix of new wave to serve as the perfect bridge between eras of prevailing styles, and it turned out to be a "Heart of Glass". The song, the band's breakthrough, quickly went to No. 1 and became one of its signature songs.
  • He Also Did: Clem Burke had a long association with the Eurythmics, playing drums on numerous tracks and several tours.
  • What Could Have Been: