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Trivia: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
  • Fan Nickname:
    • For Ragna:
      • Due to Rachel's gag ending some people are now calling him Ragna the Pimpedge, take a look
      • Rawrgna, spawned due to Taokaka antics and the above fact that he's a sexy beast in the eyes of many.
      • Due to his S-tier status in CS, he's gained a lot of Detractor Nicknames, such as Scrubna and Skillna. There's also another obvious one that uses an all-too familiar gay slur that shall not be mentioned.
    • Thanks to Taokaka's ditziness, many people have started calling Litchi "Boobie Lady".
    • Bang's super Furinkazan is often called "Bang Install", named after Sol's "Dragon Install", because it makes him glow and boosts his stats considerably. It's even a similar input sequence... until Continuum Shift.
    • The T.O.P. Hat! for Carl's Nice Hat
    • Ice Car, Ride The Icening for Jin's Musou Senshouzan special.
    • HAW-KOO-MAYUN for Hakumen, due to the hilariously awful English vocal version of his theme song on the BlazBlue in LA CD.

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