Trivia / Black Sabbath


  • Creator Backlash:
    • Forbidden hasn't been very liked by the band, even at the time. Then-vocalist Tony Martin said in a later interview that it was mainly a "filler album" done to get out of a deal with the label.
    • Tony Iommi said in his book that Never Say Die is hard for him to relate to due to the album's disastrous creative process, such as Ozzy leaving and coming back, the freezing cold Toronto studio that was used, and having to come up with almost all of the songs at the studio instead of jamming and gradually coming up with stuff beforehand (this is why the album is so all over the place in terms of sound). He did however say that there was some stuff on the album he liked, but never specified what.
  • Executive Meddling: Black Sabbath is probably the most meddled with band in the history of mankind.
    • Paranoid was originally supposed to be called War Pigs, but the record company was afraid of protests by supporters of The Vietnam War (which the UK wasn't involved in, but officially supported at the time) and had the title changed. The original cover, a distorted picture of a man with a sword and shield jumping from behind a tree, was kept however. In his autobiography, Ozzy describes his annoyance at this:
      "The only problem was the album cover, which had been done before the name change and now didn't make any sense at all. What did four pink blokes holding shields and waving swords have to do with paranoia? They were pink because that was supposed to be the colour of the war pigs. But without "War Pigs" written on the front, they just looked like gay fencers".
      "They're not gay fencers, Ozzy," Bill told me. "They're paranoid gay fencers."
    • Executives changed the title of Snowblind to Vol. 4 at the last minute due to the obvious drug reference. This was not necessarily a bad thing.
      • Similarly, "Snowblind", the song that was originally going to be the Title Track, was meant to have "Cocaine!" shouted at the end of every verse; A compromise with the label was made, and the studio version ended up with a single whispered "cocaine" after the first verse. However, the band's live performances of the song have always included the "cocaine!" shouts.
    • Iommi says their manager Patrick Meehan "grew an ego" and slapped on a "Produced by Patrick Meehan" for Vol. 4 and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath despite the fact that they were self-produced.
    • The Seventh Star was supposed to be Tony Iommi's first solo album, but the record company pressed him into putting the Black Sabbath name on it.
    • Likewise, the Born Again album with Ian Gillan was not intended to have been a Black Sabbath album.
    • The We Sold Our Souls for Rock 'n' Roll compilation and the muddy, inaudible Live at Last album were released without the band's consent.
    • Then there's also the case of their managers cheating them off most of their money. Sure, they got cars and fancy houses... Only to later find out they didn't actually own any of it.
  • One of Us: Bill Ward is very up to date with modern metal bands (unlike a lot of artists from his era who tend not to listen to anything beyond 1980 or so). Metal bands he frequently features on his radio show include Slipknot, Arch-Enemy, and Mastodon.
  • Throw It In!: In the music video for No Stranger to Love there's a short clip of the camera going round a corner. A man is seen walking around the corner, and seems to back away as soon as he notices the camera, implying he wasn't supposed to be there.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • "Warning" was originally recorded with an incredibly long Tony Iommi solo rumoured to last over 30 minutes, which producer Rodger Bain cut out most of in order to actually fit the song on the album.
    • "War Pigs" was originally called "Walpurgis" and was based on the occult instead of warfare. It was changed due to being too Satanic. Rough demos and bootlegs reveal the original lyrics to reference bodies being burned to ash, rats being eaten, priests being burned alive, churches being destroyed and Satan himself leading the Black Mass. "War Pigs" is one of the greatest anti-war songs ever, but a proper studio recording of "Walpurgis" could have been the greatest song about the occult.
    • According to Tony Iommi's autobiography, Cozy Powell was originally meant to stay on for Dehumanizer, but there was still bad blood between him and Dio from their time in Rainbow.


  • Executive Meddling: The AIP version, which reorders the segments, changes the score and removes the lesbian angle from The Telephone.