Trivia / Billy Mays

  • Author Existence Failure:
    • His death effectively ended production on Pitchmen. Discovery Channel began the second season with Sullivan and Mays's son.
    • After his death, it was reported that he was going to appear in a series of ads for Taco Bell.
    • About a year after his death, his commercials (including his final few, which had never aired before) started to appear on TV again, but then they were gone again by the end of 2010 before returning again (mostly Mighty Putty commercials). Sullivan has also done tribute commercials for some products, starting them off by mentioning his "friend Billy". These include both products that Billy has sold, or some he was going to but never got a chance to do.
  • Name's the Same / Legacy Character: His father's name? BILLY MAYS, Sr. His son's name? BILLY MAYS III. On the televised memorial service, BILLY MAYS III mentioned that he might name his son BILLY MAYS IV.
  • What Could Have Been
    • According to his son, Taco Bell was about to sign him to do be the pitchman in their commercials. Billy Mays. For Taco Bell.