Trivia / Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

  • Celebrity Endorsement: In his autobiography Shock Value, John Waters called this the funniest film ever made.note 
  • Development Hell: The Criterion Collection special edition took over 25 years to get released (going back to the LaserDisc era). Criterion even filmed a panel discussion with the cast and crew after a film festival screening in 1990 to include as a special feature, but 20th Century Fox withdrew the release. 20-some-odd-years-later, Criterion approached Fox about Beyond the Valley of the Dolls again; this time the studio was willing to sanction such release. Under one condition: they had to buy 1967's Valley of the Dolls as well. Criterion put out special editions of both films on Blu-Ray in 2016.
  • Fake American: Dolly Read, who played Kelly, was English. Her American accent has a tendency to be somewhat inconsistent throughout the film
  • He Also Did: Famous film critic Roger Ebert was one of the writers.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Z-Man, the eccentric producer, was based on real-life producer Phil Spector. In the movie, Z-Man is revealed to be a murderer. Three decades later, Phil Spector himself was revealed to have commited a murder.