[[WMG: The Original Story: WhatCouldHaveBeen]]
The revealed "alternative scenario" documents[[note]][[http://www.bgemyth.net/visionneuse.php?code=cj_bge1_scenario_alternatif_01 original]], [[http://freetexthost.com/iwzhwkkkps translation]][[/note]] present both a radically different take on the game's story line and a rather different game. The most striking difference between the two is the addition of a ''third'' alien race--the Nazh, who take the role of primary antagonist the [=DomZ=] have in the final game. Gameplaywise, in addition to more dungeons, the original story featured a ''third'' partner character for Jade, named Toy'l. A ''second'' set of recently-revealed documents is a set of storyboards from 1999, with an even more ''different'' take on the story.
* BaseOnWheels: The SPOON's (the original name of the IRIS Network) flying air treatment plant.
* BrotherSisterTeam: In the '99 storyboards, Jade had a brother who was supposed to be kidnapped instead of Pey'j. The brother as a character was axed, but his character model eventually became Nino.
* CollectorOfTheStrange: The collector Jade meets who collects pictures of one specific rare animal, and that's it.
* CoolAirship: To an extent, the SPOON base.
* DancesAndBalls: Jade must find a way to attend a fancy dance in order to meet with her benefactor, Colonel Garis.
* DangerousDeserter: The government propaganda treats Double H as one, although he really made an off-screen MookFaceTurn.
* GogglesDoNothing: Jade's ''very first design''--created in 1999, when the game was still in preproduction, and not shown to the public until a recent storyboard reveal--wore these and radio antenna. To paraphrase the fansite that revealed them, "She looked like a giant fly."
* GoodIsNotNice: Jade's secret ally in the Slaughterhouse--helpful, but not exactly friendly.
* JamesBondage: Pey'j was always one, but he spends a ''much'' greater time being kidnapped in this game version.
* LastEpisodeNewCharacter: Toy'l, who joins you in the final dungeon.
* PowerLimiter: Jade's inability to use her powers without the [=DomZ=] around.
* PsychicPowers: This is the nature of Jade's powers in this game. However, she can only use them when Toy'l is around.
* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Col. Garis, much like his replacement, the Governor.
* StoneWall: Toy'l's power is to allow Jade to defend herself. Psychically.
* SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute: Colonel Garis, who is extremely similar to the Governor in the final game.
* WhoYouGonnaCall: In the '99 storyboards, Jade, Pey'j, and Jade's now-nonexistant brother were members of the alien-busting "Insecticide Gang."

[[WMG: Actual Trivia]]
* The introduction to the song "Akuda House Propaganda," with a woman speaking, came from part of a phone conversation with a Bulgarian woman that composer Christophe Heral recorded. The rest of the song, however, is in nonsense.
** The clanging noises in "Metal Gear [=DomZ=]" were achieved by Heral recording his neighbour's son playing with scrap metal.
** Heral provided the voices of the Hillyan citizens.
** The bar was originally supposed to use a song called "Funky Mullah", which included sampled muezzin vocals. Heral removed it because 9/11 occured during the game's production and he thought it would have been [[TooSoon in bad taste]].
* In several rooms of the upper levels of the Lighthouse, there are photographs on the wall. Several of them depict Jade's first model--she was more angular, had longer hair, and more almond-shaped eyes.
** This model was redesigned and changed over the course of a single week to the current Jade model. The reason for the change was to avoid more MoodWhiplash than the story already packed--they felt the cute, cartoony model clashed with her character, who was supposed to be a mature young woman.
* In the "Security Camera" [=MDisk=] you accquire in the factory, one guard makes reference to removing Pey'j's "jumpsuit." In the early versions of the game, Pey'j did indeed wear a jumpsuit--however, his model was altered before the final release. Because the dialogue was already recorded, the reference stayed.
* The "Pearl and the Currents" [=MDisk=] you get on your first visit to IRIS headquarters similarly displays the DummiedOut model for Double H. He has a much larger LanternJawOfJustice, less pronounced cheekbones, and slightly spikier hair. His model changed so late in production, most official screenshots of him use the old head.
* In the very earliest stages of the game's development, Jade was called Sally. The name was changed because Ancel was worried it sounded too "old-layish."
* There is a possible reference to the original name of the IRIS Network ("SPOON"): when Jade recites the IRIS password to the newspaper seller in the city, he asks if it's a ''spoon''erism.
* The original idea for the game came from a glitch in ''VideoGame/{{Rayman 2}}'', where a player could jump onto a flying ship and fly over the world. The dev team wanted to make a game that could capture that same feeling of flying over a world.
** As a homage to ''Rayman'', one creature Jade can photograph (an insect in the Nutripils Factory) is called ''Aedes raymanis''. It bears a striking resemblance to Mosquito from the first Rayman game.
* Creator/PeterJackson was such a fan of this game, that, when the time came to design the video game adaptation ''Film/KingKong2005'', he hand-picked Michel Ancel for the project.

[[WMG: "Fun and Mini-Games"/"Spanish Bar" lyrics, in Spanish with English translation]]


* Un poquito de bencena
* Para tu lindo coche,
* Juanito el mecánico[[note]]Pronounced more like "mec-a-no"[[/note]]
* Está pa' petar el turbo
* Para que quedes el mejor. (¡El mejor!)

* ¡Ole, olé! ¡Ole, olé!
* Cuatro ruedas al sol.
* ¡Ole, olé! ¡Ole, olé!
* Cuatro ruedas al sol

* Tres, dos, un, ¡VAMOS!



* A little bit of benzene[[note]]A regional name for gasoline or petrol[[/note]]
* For your handsome car,
* Juanito the mechanic
* is here to boost your turbo[[note]]This is roughtly translated[[/note]]
* So that you end up the best. (The best!)

* ¡Ole, olé! ¡Ole, olé![[note]]Come on, do I ''really'' have to translate this for you?[[/note]]
* Four wheels under the sun.[[note]]This phrase is a bit ambiguous, as they made up the pronunciation of most words[[/note]]
* ¡Ole, olé! ¡Ole, olé!
* Four wheels under the sun.

* Three, two, one, LET'S GO!