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Trivia: Beth Phoenix
  • One of Us: Loves video games and horror films (no, really), and more often than not mentions comic books and some very geeky jokes on her personal Twitter. Not that it makes her any less badass.
    • Recent Twitter updates have shown she's also a huge Simpsons fan.
  • Promoted Fangirl: Won a coloring contest to earn two tickets to a WWE event and earned a tryout match at OVW after showing Molly Holly a tape at a Fan Axxess event.
  • Reality Subtext: In most of Beth's tirades against Kelly Kelly during her heel run, Beth will make at least one reference to Kelly being a Barbie doll Diva. Kelly Kelly's real name is Barbara Jean Blank. She often goes by 'Barbie.'
  • What Could Have Been: Well... not yet anyway, but one could only imagine that AJ Lee and Beth Phoenix would get along really well.
    • Beth was supposed to go against Kharma for the latter's first feud, but Kharma's pregnancy put that on hold.
    • And then Kharma was quietly released.
    • When Beth first debuted she was an old girlfriend of Mickie James, but Victoria broke her jaw a few weeks into that storyline, and the reason for her wanting to get back at her was never revealed as she was put on the sidelines to heal.

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