Trivia / Benzaie

  • Saved from Development Hell: Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure was on his games to talk about list since 2008.
  • What Could Have Been: Benzaie's Short Film "Students":
    "Students have been made and edited in 48 hours 3 years ago was supposed to be the first part of a feature lengh movie I had in mind. The movie would be an accurate and loving portrait of our generation and how people of our age can find themselves lost in the world of studies.
    It would revolve around three characters; one passionate about games and all and doing studies he doesn't care about, a art fan having high expectations but never really working on anything serious, and one completely outside of this system, just having fun in the street. The plot would be that after facing that they were going nowhere they would decide to make a real project together and put all their hopes and expectation into that, which would fail eventualy and in the end have them back at where they were in the start, but Tilt would have the final word saying
    "Well we're still kids anyway..."
    Which would be sort of the same theme and idea Kitano gave with his movie Kid's Return...the fact that despite the youth being lost in this world, and never knowing where to go, they still can count on their desire and power to start over again because after all, their life hasn't started yet..."