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Trivia: Ben and Arthur
  • Creator Killer: Not Sam Mraovich, since he had no career to kill in the first place, but Mike Haboush, who co-produced the film and starred as Victor. Prior to this he actually had something resembling an acting career, having had bit parts in Galaxy Quest, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and The West Wing. Nowadays he acts in gay porn under the name of "Mike Bush."
  • Old Shame: Subverted by Mraovich in this interview. While he fully admits that he was out of his league trying to make a full-length film with No Budget and no real training in writing or making films, and that it's terrible from an audiovisual standpoint, he has no regrets about making the film, feels that it contained a valid message and even considers it a Medal of Dishonor that it's spoken of in the same terms as films like The Room.

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