Trivia: Being Human

  • Actor Allusion: Perhaps it's good we only learn McNair's first name after he's been killed. The cognitive dissonance upon finding out it's Anthony is significant for Wire in the Blood fans.
  • Actor-Shared Background: Annie, like Lenora Cricklow, is mixed race, with a black father and white mother.
  • Fan Nickname: Alongside the Canadian remake getting the nickname "Being Human US," this show picked up the nickname "Being Human UK," to differentiate both from the US version and the 1994 film starring Robin Williams.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Being Human blog is full of great content, often in the form of videos that add to the show, explain back story and character, or are fun and interesting. Good luck finding this stuff on the official DVDs. For now, it can still be found on the BBC blog or on Youtube.
  • The Other Marty: Two-thirds of the main cast (Annie and Mitchell) got recast between the pilot and the main series, as did Herrick and Lauren.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The pilot, one of several shown to promote the relaunch of BBC3. Annie was a lot more housebound (the first subplot would have been her trying to fight this), the vampires would have worn suits and driven limos, rather than hiding in plain sight, Annie's fiancée did not own the house, and the comedy was slightly more camp. Not necessarily better or worse, but certainly different.
    • The original concept of the series was about a recovering sex addict, someone with intermittent explosive disorder, and an agoraphobic; the supernatural twist was added after the showrunners found the mundane version too bland. The vampires were more professional and upper-class, led by a business suit -wearing, good-humoured Mickey Bricks, and had private get-togethers in expensive restaurants, reminiscing good-naturedly about being testaments of history. And how they're going to take over the world with blood and fang.