Trivia / BattleBots

  • Channel Hop: The original Battlebots aired on Comedy Central from 2000-2002. The reboot now airs on ABC.
  • Dueling Shows: With Robot Wars.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only two DVDs/VHS tapes were ever released, neither with actual seasons on them (one was a clip show, the other showed one of the 1999 Pay-Per-View events). Not only that, but most of the episodes were only run two or three times. Season 5 episodes were only aired once. Right now your only hope if you want to see any of the episodes is if you recorded them when they first aired or that someone posted clips from the fight on YouTube.
    • A Youtuber who had VHS tapes of most of the episodes is uploading them
  • What Could Have Been: The series was canceled right around the time that combat robotics really started to take off on the independent scene, with more money coming into the sport and fresh young builders putting together some truly amazing bots. For example, imagine Megabyte vs. Biohazard, only with the production values of the Comedy Central show and Bill Dwyer's exuberant commentary.
    • Many of the robots that were not finished in time for the fights wound up like this. The Wacky Compass was supposed to have a spinning bar on top of it much like Son of Whyachi but was deemed overweight (even with the weight bonus for walkers) so it was replaced with two static bars. White Rabbit, a superheavyweight entered in Season 4.0 was supposed to have two counter-rotating blades mounted on top of the chassis spinning at 2000 RPM but had a crucial piece missing and was not ready for competition.
    • Claymore had a similar shape and in the same weight class as Mouser Mecha-Catbot, and just like how Mouser Mecha-Catbot was painted to look like a pink cartoon cat, Claymore, from Season 4.0 and onwards, was painted to look like a white cartoon mouse. Mouser Mecha-Catbot and Claymore, if matched up against each other, would've been a literal cat-and-mouse game with similar-looking robots. Alas, the two never met in competition.