Trivia: Barenaked Ladies

  • Creator Backlash: For a while they stopped playing "If I Had $1000000" in concert, because they got sick of fans throwing Kraft Dinnernote  at them during the song. Now they play the song, but they request that you put your Kraft Dinners in the donation boxes.
  • Executive Meddling: The two new songs on Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits were susceptible to this: "It's Only Me (The Wizard of Magicland)" had its original title in parenthesis because the label didn't want to market a single with a Non-Appearing Title, and "Thanks That Was Fun" was originally called "One Weaker" before the label vetoed it.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: One of their videos was clips of fans lip syncing to the song.
  • One-Hit Wonder: In the United States, they're known almost exclusively for "One Week".
  • One of Us:
    • Ed has stated that one of the reasons he was able to write the theme for The Big Bang Theory is because science was one of his favorite subjects in school when he was growing up. He also knows the guys at Rooster Teeth and has helped them out with videos they did to help promote the custom content system for City of Heroes.
    • He was also Captain Flowers in Red vs. Blue. Hell, the band actually collaborated with Rooster Teeth to record their video for "Odds Are", with Freddie Wong and iJustine also featuring in brief cameos.
      • A second collab "Did I say that outloud?" can be added to that list.
    • They decided to cover "Lovers in a Dangerous Time" (their first video and the way they were introduced to Canadians due to the video in heavy rotation on Much Music), because, as they pointed out, they knew Bruce Cockburn's music through Canadian radio and his videos on Video Hits. Anyone who grew up in Ontario in the 1980s, pre-Much Music, probably remembers the show well and is familiar with Canadian Content.
  • The Pete Best: Andy Creeggan, who was uncomfortable with fame.
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Several examples, actually. In addition to Snacktime!!, there's "The Ballad of Gordon", an Anvilicious yet catchy PSA the band did very early in their career. They've also contributed songs to other children's compilations.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: There really is a net on a bridge near where Steven Page lives to stop jumpers from "raining down on the cars and trucks below".
  • The video for Thanks That Was Fun features all six members of Barenaked Ladies, as it was a montage of their previous music videos. Of course, Steven Page (who was in the band at the time), Ed Robertson, Kevin Hearn, Tyler Stewart, and Jim Creeggan are featured prominently, but in a few blink-and-you-miss-it moments you can catch glimpses of their original keyboardist Andy Creeggan.
    • Also true of the video for Pollywog in a Bog (Andy is the second fox).