Trivia / Back to School

The film:

  • As Himself: Kurt Vonnegut and Oingo Boingo.
  • The Cast Showoff: Danny Elfman's band Oingo Boingo shows up at Thornton's kickass dorm party.
    • Dangerfield performed the "Triple Lindy" himself.
  • Throw It In: Jason laughing at his dad's secretary is because the actor couldn't stop cracking up at Edie McClurg.
    • During the scene with Sam Kinison, when he throws the desk, Rodney is trying really hard not to laugh. You can't see his face during it but his head is very much bobbing.
  • What Could Have Been: Jim Carrey was originally considered for the angry history professor (that Sam Kinison ended up playing) but was decided against for being too young at the time.
    • Bob Saget was also considered for the same role, but they felt his humor wasn't abrasive enough.