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Trivia: Backstreet Boys
  • Yes, BSB and *NSYNC did have the same management team, same producers, same record label, and what have you; and the latter basically rode off the coat tails of the former on their way to stardom. So it's no wonder that you would have a Fandom Rivalry. But... did you know that the only real rivalry that went on between the two groups was, really, just between AJ and Chris who actually got into a fight in the past because they had dated the same girl? They have long since put it to rest though. This clip actually clears things up. The bottom line is they never truly hated each other's guts, they were simply friendly and competitive.
    • And heck, JC even gave BSB a helping hand on their album, Unbreakable.
    • You can actually find photos of the two groups hanging out together as well as individually.
    • Lance and his fiance have attended Backstreet shows, as well as Joey and JC.
    • Lance once surprised AJ on a music discussion show where they poked fun at each other and did this Instagram exchange.
    • Nick has since joked that after watching *NSYNC's VMA reunion, he wished it was longer so they could re-ignite their Friendly Rivalry for fun and nostalgia's sake.
    Nick: There was a part of me deep down inside that was almost disappointed. I'm like, bring back the rivalry. Let's do an *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys tour. Bring it on.
    • Chris had actually auditioned for Backstreet but was passed over for Howie. They also attended Valencia Community College together.
    • "We know everybody's music".
    • In a heartwarming mention, after AJ announced he was going to rehab for addiction, *NSYNC were seen at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards offering hugs and support to Nick, who was the only one in the band who attended the show.
    • BSB were initially booked to record a concert special for the Disney Channel, but were forced to decline due to Brian undergoing heart surgery. *NSYNC replaced them, which really kickstarted their American career thanks to repeat airings of the special.
    • During a charity basketball game in Germany in 1997, the two groups were on opposing teams, so they traded AJ for Lance.

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