Trivia / Backstreet Boys

Trivia Tropes

  • Genre Relaunch: While not solely responsible, Backstreet's breakthrough in the US was instrumental in reviving bubblegum vocal pop just under a decade after the Milli Vanilli scandal completely obliterated its popularity.
  • The Pete Best: The Backstreet Boys had two members who dropped out (and were replaced with Kevin and Brian) before the group made it big: Sam Licata and Charles Edwards. Charles eventually formed — and subsequently dropped out of — another group with one Chris Kirkpatrick, leading to the creation of what would become *NSYNC.
  • One of Us:
    • Nick, a huge fan of horror movies, decides he wants to make a zombie western movie. Who does he enlist to help him make it? AJ, Howie, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, fellow members of O-Town, 98 Degrees and All-4-One, Olivia Newton-John's daughter Chloe Lattanzi, his wife Lauren Kitt, and The Asylum. (Seriously. It aired on SyFy on April Fool's Day and Syfy livetweeting it alongside Nick and everyone who was in it.)
    • Nick named his son Odin, after the Norse god. And in either a strange or planned coincidence, his son's middle name begins with an "R", meaning the initials spell "ORC". And had a Game of Thrones-themed baby shower.
    • AJ's a Deadpool fan.
  • Throw It In!: Howie D. farted while recording "The Call", and since it was in key, producer Max Martin managed to incorporate it into the song's bassline.
  • Written by Cast Member: The boys themselves wrote most of their songs.

The Rivalry

  • Yes, BSB and *NSYNC did have the same management team, same producers, same record label, and what have you; and the latter basically rode off the coat tails of the former on their way to stardom. So it's no wonder that you would have a Fandom Rivalry. But the only real rivalry was between AJ and Chris, who had a fight because they'd dated the same girl, years before either group made it big - and they've long since buried the hatchet. This clip clears things up; the bottom line is they never truly hated each other's guts, and were simply friendly and competitive.
  • Heck, JC even gave BSB a helping hand on their album, Unbreakable and he helped produce a song on AJ's solo album.
  • *NSYNC covered "Quit Playing Games With My Heart", just for kicks.
  • You can actually find photos of the two groups hanging out together as well as individually.
  • Lance and his fiance have attended Backstreet shows, as well as Joey and JC.
  • Lance once surprised AJ on a music discussion show where they poked fun at each other and did this Instagram exchange.
  • Nick has since joked that after watching *NSYNC's VMA reunion, he wished it was longer so they could re-ignite their Friendly Rivalry for fun and nostalgia's sake.
    Nick: There was a part of me deep down inside that was almost disappointed. I'm like, bring back the rivalry. Let's do an *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys tour. Bring it on.
  • Chris had actually auditioned for Backstreet but was passed over for Howie. They also attended Valencia Community College and were in the college choir together. According to Howie, this was how Chris initially met Lou Pearlman.
  • "We know everybody's music".
  • In a heartwarming mention, after AJ announced he was going to rehab for addiction, *NSYNC were seen at the 2001 Teen Choice Awards offering hugs and support to Nick, who was the only one in the band who attended the show.
  • BSB were initially booked to record a concert special for the Disney Channel, but were forced to decline due to Brian undergoing heart surgery. *NSYNC replaced them, which really kickstarted their American career thanks to repeat airings of the special.
  • During a charity basketball game in Germany in 1997, the two groups were on opposing teams, so they traded AJ for Lance.
  • Chris attended Howie's wedding and AJ attended Lance's wedding.
  • AJ and Kevin have clarified that the rivalry was created in the first place by Pearlman as a tactic to force Backstreet to overwork themselves. He would also do the same with *NSYNC, which lead the two groups to leave his management and later sue him.
  • This vine from San Diego Comic-Con. The reason Nick, AJ, and Joey were there? Nick was making a zombie Western movie and got AJ and Joey to join in.
  • AJ has said that his wife was actually a bigger *NSYNC fan than she was of Backstreet. Plus, he and Joey grew up in overlapping social circles as teens in Orlando.
  • Nick has stated that the reason he wanted to do Dancing with the Stars was because Joey, Lance, and his brother Aaron competed on the show, and Drew Lachey won.
  • Or as AJ put it on an Instagram of himself and Chris:
    skulleeroz: Yeah if this doesn't squash the rivalry I don't know what does.
  • Joey Fatone was a surprise guest at their Las Vegas residency. He proceeded to kiss Nick and pick up AJ as if he weighed nothing.
  • Lance Bass was in the audience during another show and they brought him up onstage and sang "Shape of My Heart" to him.

Miscellaneous Trivia

  • Naming the band the "Backstreet Boys" was intended to give them a bit of Street Cred by pretending that these singer/dancers were tough kids from the street who made it good. Problem is, the street they were named after is possibly the safest street in all of Orlando, Florida (the city from which they originate). In Orlando, Back Street is a glorified alley that separates the headquarters of the Orlando Police Department from the Orange County Courthouse, and on any given day it has a 12 to 1 police-to-civilian population ratio. It has never been the scene of any sort of crime.
    • They also allegedly got the name from the Backstreet Market flea market near International Drive, a popular after-school hangout. (The flea market has since been demolished and replaced by another outlet mall.)