Trivia / Arrietty
aka: The Borrower Arrietty

  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Prominent in both the original Japanese (obviously), as well as the U.S. and the UK English dubs.
  • Defictionalization: A life sized version of Arietty's Hair clip/bow can be bought as an collectible and worn by fans of the Anime.
  • Playing Against Type: Comedic actor Will Arnett voicing the Harrison Ford-esque Pod.
  • Promoted Fanboy: French singer/songwriter Cécile Corbel became known to Ghibli filmmakers after she sent them a fan letter showing her love for their films along with a copy of ''Songbook, Vol 2", at the time, her most recent album. After Toshio Suzuki (the film's head producer) listened to the CD, she received an e-mail asking her if she could write a song for the movie. She ended up composing the entire score.

Alternative Title(s): The Borrower Arrietty