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Trivia: Armageddon
  • Actor Allusion: Stanley Anderson played the President in Bay's earlier film ''The Rock', and' the demeanor of both Presidents is highly similar.
  • Backed by the Pentagon: NASA in this case. Hard to believe but it's true this did have NASA scientists as advisers and the movie was able to shoot in the NASA facilities. The only NASA place that isn't real is the control room which was designed for the film. Though the real Mission Control room does appear in the film. Also the Pentagon.
  • Breakaway Pop Hit: Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
  • Dueling Movies: This one was the winner vs. Deep Impact, at least financially. Primarily because where Deep Impact "tries" to be "inspirational", Armageddon knows it's 10% I Want My Jet Pack/90% Hollywood Science and just runs with it.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Mathematician's Answer: in some markets, this film was advertised as starring "Oscar winners Ben Affleck and Billy Bob Thornton". While it is true that both these men won Oscars, neither of them won for acting.
  • Money, Dear Boy: The reason why why Billy Bob Thornton was in this movie, which he wasn't shy to admit as soon as his contractual obligation to advertise the movie ended.
  • Old Shame: Subverted. In an interview with Miami Herald, Michael Bay said "I will apologize for Armageddon", and explained how being forced to film the whole movie in 16 weeks caused the crew's performance to suffer, but later added on his website's forum that his words had been taken out of context and he actually was proud of the movie.
    • On the acting side, both Billy Bob Thornton and Ben Affleck now view the film with contempt.

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