Trivia / Arcadiarika

Trivia belonging to my liveblogs and other works.

  • Fan Nickname: Some in the form of Actor Allusions, others for lulzies.
    • In the liveblog of Kickboxing Academy, I nicknamed Danny "Proto!Andros".
    • In the liveblog of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, I nicknamed Diabolico "Diabolico Prime".
    • During the liveblog of My Little Eye, Matt was saddled with the nickname "Carter", as part of the Wild Mass Guess that he's the Red Lightspeed Ranger in an alternate universe, complete with said Ranger's Weapon of Choice and what he did in the Power Rangers series. The nickname for him ended when Matt killed Charlie, something that the real Carter would never do.
    • In both The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II and The Prayer Warriors: Attack of the Sphinx/The Titans Strike Back, I nicknamed Jerry/Jeremy "Jerremy", a portmanteau of his two names.
  • I Knew It!: Throughout the Prayer Warriors series liveblogs, I stated repeatedly that Thomas is not a troll (especially in The Evil Gods Part II). With the revelation/confirmation made in the bonus chapter of The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II that Thomas is not a troll, but rather a batshit crazy dude, I shout out the trope.
  • Liveblogger Breakdown: The Prayer Warriors: The Evil Gods Part II liveblog slowly becomes this. As the chapters grow worse and worse, I become more incoherent, furious, and baffled to the point where I even called out at the ones who wanted me to liveblog it.
  • Old Shame: The four liveblogs of The Prayer Warriors. See Reviews Are the Gospel in the YMMV section.
    • Most of my old artwork and fics are this. Especially the ones I wrote a few years ago.
    • Roleplaying in a certain little forum roleplay, due to bad memories and my final arc being reviled. However, over time and with me being away from the roleplays, I do look back to some of the things I've done positively.
    • A couple of my older, deleted liveblogs (Beauty and Warrior and the first liveblog of Lightspeed Rescue) are my Old Shame, mainly because of just how wild and crazy I reacted. From using so many references to pop culture, to the overuse of gushing towards a certain Power Rangers actor (and the overuse of a Kamen Rider Decade meme on top of that), I've decided to focus more on the analytical slant and less of the gushing/references, using them whenever I see fit.
  • What Could Have Been: I would have nicknamed the other four housemates by their respective actors' famous roles (or, for one, profession). I decided not to, for the sake of not confusing other readers.