Trivia / Apocalypto

  • California Doubling: Although they did film in Mexico, they picked Veracruz (in the middle of the gulf coast) to double for Yucatan and the Caribbean; this is especially noticeable in the scenes on the beach.
  • Genius Bonus - The name of the city where the slaves are taken is never identified in the film, but an expert on things Mayan would guess that it is probably Copan, which was near the border between Guatemala and Honduras. Like the city depicted, Copan was within walking (or, in this case, running) distance of both the Caribbean Sea and a major river.
  • No Dub for You: This movie is one of the few Hollywood films when this trope is enforced, as, by Mel Gibson's request, the movie wasn't dubbed on any foreign language, just like his previous film. Unlike that film, there's a single exception on that rule: Japan is the only country when the film received a dub, very likely to help the audience to empathize with both the characters and the very Latin American setting.