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Trivia: Another World
  • Colbert Bump: Got one from Game Grumps, the Ensemble Darkhorse Buddy "Mike Aruba" being a selling point.
  • Port Overdosed: There hasn't been a single opportunity missed to re-release this game. It's been on at least 15 platforms despite coming out after most home computers had become irrelevant. The reason for so many ports is the actual codebase is tiny and just a virtual machine that runs bytecode it loads from the scripts. Ports just need to rewrite and recompile this virtual machine.
  • What Could Have Been
    • According to some interviews, Eric did like the idea of a sequel to Another World to retell the game from the alien Buddy's perspective. That never did happen, unless you count the introduction sequence to Heart of the Alien. Plus, Chahi was not able to get more involved due to already working on the constantly delayed Heart of Darkness.
    • There was suppose to be an absolute ending, involving Lester becoming a leader of an alien tribe.

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