!! General:
* [[TheCharacterDiedWithHim The Character Died With Her]]: Colleen Dewhurst, who played Marilla in the 1985 TV movie version, died during the production of the spinoff TV series '' Road to Avonlea''. Marilla was then killed off in the series too.
* FranchiseZombie: Could be said to apply to Montgomery, who continued to write novels and stories set in Anne Shirley's universe up to the day she died. It ''definitely'' applies to the Kevin Sullivan TV franchise, which to date has included four made-for-TV movies-cum-miniseries, an animated TV show, an animated film, and a long-running TV series set in Avonlea.
* OrphanedReference: Some productions of the musical, particularly high school productions, will replace "The Words" with a different song ("When I Say My Say," meant to give more time for a wig swap for the green-hair scene) but will leave its reprise intact.

!!The 1934 film:
* NamesTheSame: Invoked. Actress Dawn O'Day changed her name to Anne Shirley after playing the character.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen:
** Mitzi Green was cast as Anne but was later dropped when her StageMom demanded more money.
** Creator/KatharineHepburn longed to play Anne and was always disappointed that she never got to. Her grand niece Schuyler Grant got to play Diana in the 1985 version.

!!The 1985 version:
* ActorSharedBackground: Colleen Dewhurst grew up on Prince Edward Island, just like her character Marilla.
* FakeNationality: Schuyler Grant is American, playing the Prince Edward Island native Diana.
* RealLifeRelative: The orphanage director is played by Megan Fellows's mother.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen: Katharine Hepburn was offered the role of Marilla, but she turned it down.