Trivia / Andy Kaufman

  • Method Acting: Whenever he slipped into a persona, he absolutely refused to break character. Of particular note was Tony Clifton, whom Andy treated as an entirely different individual and was even given contracts that were separate from Andy's. This drove the people he worked with absolutely crazy. In fact, the cast of Taxi were practically murderous with anger whenever Andy showed up as Tony Clifton and were petitioning for Andy to be fired from the series. The producers managed to settle the issue by publicly firing Tony (security guards had to physically throw him off the set) and ensuring that the character wouldn't make another appearance on the show.
  • Trolling Creator: Practically his entire shtick. Easy to invoke when you don't care how people react to your work.
  • Besides Man on the Moon and certain comedy sensibilities, Jim Carrey and Andy share a birthday (January 17).