Trivia / America's Got Talent

  • Executive Meddling: A couple times, when the judges believed an act made a bad song choice, the performers mention that producers influenced that decision (Arcadian Broad in Season 4 with a High School Musical number, the Fiddleheads doing "Billie Jean" in Season 6).
  • Fan Nickname: Tends to be labelled "America's Got Singers" by those who dislike the abundance and favoritism displayed towards singing acts.
  • Follow the Leader:
    • Since the success of Fighting Gravity in Season 5, every year has seen at least one notable group that uses similar light-on-a-darkened-stage effects (Team iLuminate in Season 6, two or three in Season 7 but Lightwire Theater is the most similar).
    • After the success of Kenichi Ebina in Season 8, there have been several more acts that do a similar miming/dancing to video thing.
  • In Memoriam: The final audition shown in Season 12 was preceded with a message saying that the performer had died recently, and that his audition was being shown with his family's blessing. The traditional memorial message was shown for him afterward.
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • Nick Cannon's then-wife Mariah Carey did a guest performance during Season 4's finals.
    • Similarly, Heidi's husband Seal was a guest judge in Season 12's Judge Cuts.