Trivia / American Gladiators

  • Old Shame: Possibly Joe Theismann and/or Gladiators Malibu and Sunny, considering the DVD release begins with the episode immediately following their last which, ironically, was dedicated to recapping the excluded first half of Season 1. Yes, the first half of Season 1 was incredibly ghetto compared to everything that came after it, as well as including various aspects that were dropped (such as the Gladiators being clear villains), but it seemed as if the omission of #1-13 was advertised as a feature.
    • To clarify, many shows have "bumps" during their first year as they figure out what works and what doesn't, which is why a full-season box set is fun to watch. As such, if you advertise that you'll release Season 1, don't end up putting out "Season 1: Episodes 14-27" and especially not under such a misleading title of "The Battle Begins" (which itself implies a full-season set). A rare mis-step for Shout Factory, who are generally better than this.
  • The Other Darrin: Lace was changed from Marisa Pare to Natalie Lennox in the fourth season.
  • The Pete Best: As mentioned above, Malibu and Sunny (who only appeared in the first 13 episodes) are generally not remembered as Gladiators. This might have happened to Zap as well, but she returned later in the run. Malibu would do tours on the live version as well.
  • Recursive Import: Exported to the UK; many of the UK trappings, including some events not done in the American series, came to the NBC revival.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Plenty of Gladiators made this their first "acting gig". Probably the most notable is Lee Reherman, aka "Hawk". Lynn Williams (Sabre) would become Jax in Mortal Kombat Annihilation.
    • Contender Rico Constantino would later become a WWE pro wrestler while Mike Adamle became General Manager for the Raw brand and arguably one of the worst wrestling personalities in the history of the organization.
  • Season 4 champion Cheryl Wilson was later murdered by her jealous ex-husband. A contestant on the British version was also killed, in his case while trying to stop a robbery.
  • The US revival had a bit of controversy when one of its gladiators, Militia, was discovered to be a porn star.