Trivia / Agents of Cracked

  • Actor Allusion:
    • DOB meeting his lookalike and f***ing him is a reference to DOB's article about what to do when you're locked in a room with your clone.
    • The mug of pens that DOB throws at B-Tone is a reference to one of Cracked and Michael Swaim's first sketch videos for the site.
    • Mike using the Saved by the Bell Zack Morris Time Out is a callback to an episode of Cracked After Hours that aired the day before the Agents of Cracked episode.
    • Michael receives a phone call and guesses that the person on the other end is "Clippy". Clippy is the sidekick (consisting of video clips that follow a theme) of Michael's android persona in "Cracked TV" and "Does Not Compute".
    • Homeland Scarecurity is Based on an incident wherein DOB was visited by the Secret Service after writing an article about kidnapping the president's daughter.
  • The Danza: Both Swaim and DOB are named after, well, Michael Swaim and Dan O'Brien.