Trivia: After War Gundam X

  • Fan Nickname: The Frost Brothers Shagia and Olba are referred to in certain circles as the "Frosties".
    • Due to his jacket, Garrod is known as "the Pizza Delivery Boy".
  • Follow Up Failure: Sorta. By the time Gundam X went to air, a Gundam series had been in production and continuously on TV since 1993. Three solid years, once a week every week, with no summer or winter hiatuses. Add in the fact that each new "season" took place in a new continuity, and the fan fatigue becomes apparent. A mid-season move to the wee hours of Saturday morning was more than the franchise could handle at that point, and led to the first premature cancellation of a Gundam TV series since the original.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: both Kazuya Nakai [Witz] and Yumi Kakazu [Sala] get their debuts in this series.
  • No Export for You: An example that absolutely mystifies most fans to this day, and drives a lot of people mad. It's a show set largely in America, it's stylistically very similar to the incredibly popular and successful Gundam Wing, it's highly regarded by nearly everyone who has watched it, it seems an obvious choice for export... and Bandai has absolutely refused to bring it over for nearly two decades. They won't even discuss it at conventions (and it gets brought up a lot). Granted, the pre-digital animation would probably look a little rough today, but why the show didn't come over in 2001 or so deeply confuses everyone. The only explanation most people have been able to come up with is that the Bandai execs can't get past their own dislike of the show and see how it could appeal greatly to another market.
    • The smash hit of Gundam Wing was probably the only part of introducing the Gundam franchise to America that Bandai didn't botch. They just don't (or can't) understand that the American anime market differs from the Japanese market, and a show that fared poorly in Japan can do well in America.
    • The worst part? The story behind The Big O (first season flopped in Japan, but did remarkably well in the US, leading to a second season a few years later) indicates that someone in Bandai is aware of this concept.
    • X may now finally, finally be getting an English release... except that it's the one series that hasn't been explicitly named for release yet. Aaaaaaaaaagh!
  • Playing Against Type: Mika Kanai, Tifa's VA, is best known for her archetypal Genki Girl performances. Here, she's playing a painfully shy and softspoken lass. Likewise, Chieko Honda's previous Gundam role was Genki Girl Elpeo Puru which is in stark contrast to Ennil El.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Toshiyuki Morikawa (Shagia) and Nozomu Sasaki (Olba) often play either best friends or brothers.
    • Morikawa (Shagia Frost) also worked with Yuko Mizutani (Carris Nautilus). They had worked together before in Tekkaman Blade, and would end up working together again in Super Robot Wars Impact.
    • Also, Yuko Mizutani (Carris Nautilus), Nozomu Sasaki (Olba Frost) and Kenyuu Horiuchi (Jamil Neate) are the Japanese dub voices of Buffy Summers, Daniel Osborn and Angel respectively.
  • Screwed by the Network: Sadly.
    • Yet the director and writers manage to resolve all the romantic subplots AND pull out a convincing ending in 39 episodes (given its premature cancellation). Talk about a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the staff.
      • Made more impressive because the series was penned single-handedly by Hiroyuki Kawasaki. And he didn't know somewhere around episode 30 that he'd only have 9 more episodes to finish things up; prior to that he thought he'd be getting the Gundam standard of around 50 episodes.
      • And more impressive because while Jamil Neate can be arguably an amalgamation of the early UC protagonists, he ends up as a well-written character on his own.
  • Super Robot Wars: This series has appeared in Alpha Gaiden, R and more recently Z and Z2. In Alpha Gaiden and R, the Frost Bros. remained stubborn to the very end and died as a result.