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Trivia: Advance Wars Role Play
  • Creator Backlash: PanicAttack towards Rosabella and Kiku, especially the former.
  • Crosscast Role - The list of female characters actually written by a female is shorter than the list that haven't - discounting NPCs only Procella, Mira, Madison (played by JoJo), Kestrel, Aurica (played by Pancake-chan) and Christine (played by Red). There have been a few males played by females too, most notably Ryouta (again, played by Pancake-chan).
  • The Danza: Vasco and Procella. Even then, the latter's name was retconned into a middle name.
  • Fan Nickname: Quite a few, actually.
    • Characters with long names tend to have their names condensed to one or two syllables. Rosabella and Hanako become Rosa and Hana respectively, for example.
    • Similarly, Madison -> Maddie or Mads.
    • Grey Fox is referred to by his real surname (Riley) by both Madison and her player, JoJo.
    • Tactical Submarines are sometimes known as "tackies".
    • The virus which nullifies CO abilities has a few. In-universe it has been referred to as LASH and the Normality Virus.
    • Ryoutard for Ryouta.
    • Kestrel and Electroma invert this as very few people use these names for them and instead use their real names - Kari and Sigrid respectively.
      • This has since become rather standard practice - only Dune (Lucius), Suzi (Suzanna), Tyke (Trevor), Hemlock (Izumi) and Tremor (Kaede) are known by their nicknames rather than their real names.
  • What Could Have Been: Quite a few.
    • Viola wasn't created with the role Commander-in-Chief of Green Earth in mind, but ended up as such anyway.
    • Yellow Comet wasn't originally the only country to face off against the parallel world's Black Hole. They were also going to hold every CO in Cosmo Land hostage.
    • Hanako was going to die on AB04 and be replaced. Potential replacements included naval officer Kazue Misawa, Hanako's old friend Midori and Hanako's assistant Chika.
    • Yuriko was originally designed as a Blue Moon CO called Lilya. Her abilities would still be much the same but her personality and appearance and personality was going to be more akin to a Sasha Expy.
    • The Red Mesa storyline has a lot of this, since Craig (the RP leader) at the time quit and didn't tell returning leader PanicAttack what he had planned, forcing the latter to make new plans.

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