Trivia / A Nero Wolfe Mystery

  • Critical Dissonance: Critics adored the series (and many still do), but this unfortunately didn't translate into ratings.
  • You Look Familiar: The show utilized a repertory cast system so most of the actors would play different roles from episode to episode. An actor could play a pivotal role in one episode and make a brief comic relief appearance the next.
    • The major exceptions were Timothy Hutton (Archie), Maury Chaykin (Wolfe), Colin Fox (Fritz), Saul Rubinek (Lon Cohen), Conrad Dunn (Saul Panzer), Fulvio Cecere (Fred Durkin), Trent McMcullen (Orrie Cather), Bill Smitrovich (Inspector Cramer) and RD Reid (Sgt. Stebbins), who played the same roles across the entire series. Although they also played different roles throughout the show, Kari Matchett and Bill MacDonald also regularly played Lily Rowan and Lt. Rowcliff respectively.