Trivia / A Growing Affection

  • Jossed: One week after this story gave Naruto a mother character (Yukihana Uzumaki), Kushina was introduced in the manga. Moderately subverted in that both characters are similar to their son in personality and in combat style (or at least the manga claims Naruto and Kushina use the same types of jutsu).
  • Name's the Same: There are two very different reoccurring characters called "The Reaper".
    • Gokki and Gouki are pretty close, and there are some characters with the same given name (Sakura and Bunjiro) but different family names.
  • Word of God: Xavon is quite willing to answer questions about the story, even to the point of spoilers.
    • Kitsune 2.0 (Naruto's second staff-blade) looks just like the original, except the 'blade' portion has a Damascus style pattern of light and dark strata.