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Trademark Favorite Food: Music
  • Insane Clown Posse has a running theme of Faygo, a regional brand of soda pop, which they work into lyrics: "Send yo mama straight out to the sto'/Tell that bitch to bring home a Faygo". Members of the audience often douse themselves and the band in the stuff. As a family-friendly company, however, the makers of Faygo have, on multiple occasions, clarified that they are in no way affiliated with the hyper-violent Insane Clowns.note 
  • Many Vocaloids have a favorite food, decided by the fans. The most famous is Hatsune Miku's, whose character item is leeks/negi, which was a result of this video
    • Kaito: Ice Cream
    • Meiko: Sake
    • Len: Bananas
    • Rin: Oranges
    • Luka: Tuna
    • Gakupo: Eggplant
    • Haku: Sake
    • Teto: French Bread
    • Gumi: Carrots
    • Kiyoteru: Iced Coffee
    • Yuki: Apples
    • Tonio: Martini
    • SF-A2 miki: Cherries
    • Sukone Tei: Cucumbers
  • Kid Rock manages to work in a reference to shrimp at least once an album. ("Devil Without A Cause" had one practically every other song.)
  • Barenaked Ladies has a running theme of Macaroni & Cheese (Kraft Dinner) to the point that they were often pelted by it.
  • The Beastie Boys mention White Castle a lot especially on their earlier songs (Licensed to Ill alone featured a reference to the burger joint on every other track).
  • Starting with the film UHF, "Weird Al" Yankovic has been known for his love of Twinkie-Weiner Sandwiches (a Hostess Twinkie split down the middle with a hot dog inserted and topped with Cheez Whiz). Since becoming a vegan, Al has switched to tofu dogs.
    • In The Weird Al Show, Al's favorite food is apparently jelly bean-and-pickle sandwiches.
  • All of the members of They Might Be Giants love coffee enough that it gets mentioned at least once per album, and an entire segment of their Rockumentary was about how much coffee they drank.
  • Captain Beefheart with "Abba Zaba", based on his affection for the peanut butter filled taffy of the same name.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach wrote the Coffee Cantata, which tells the story of a young woman who really likes her coffee.
  • Morning Musume's Sayashi Riho has a special liking for Cider. Which is a soft drink in Japan, which is good, considering that Sayashi is 13.
  • According to Jonathan Coulton, Code Monkey like Fritos. Apparently, Code Monkey also like Tab and Mountain Dew.
  • In one interview Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon gave in the early 1980s (i.e. from 1983 or earlier), he confessed to being partial to orange-colored Smarties (the British kind, a variant of regular M&Ms). One big fan took note of it and sent him many tubes of nothing but orange-colored Smarties, which he munched on during another interview. In a separate interview at around the same time period, Nick Rhodes stated that he adored strawberries and champagne.
  • Rush drummer Neil Peart is apparently quite fond of In-N-Out Burger; not only does he have a sticker of the logo on the side cases of his motorcycle, he credits the use of a Bible verse in a song to not just the original verse, but an In-N-Out milkshake cup. (Other favorites he's mentioned include cherry pie and potatoes in every way, shape, and form. There's also a FunnyOrDie sketch wherein the band gets upset at two fans [the main characters from the film I Love You Man, in fact] faking backstage passes and sneaking into their green room after the show. What pisses Neil off the most? They ate his sandwich.) He also loves The Macallan, a brand of fine scotch.
    • Neil's bandmates Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee both have huge wine cellars (Geddy in particular has a thing for burgundies). Geddy also has a breakfast named after him at Caplansky's Delicatessen in Toronto- salami, lox, and onions scrambled into eggs with rye toast, latkes and applesauce.
      • Neil has a thing for milkshakes in general, it seems: he claims to make the world's best milkshake himself, and in his book Roadshow, he writes about riding through an extremely hot area of the Western U.S. and eventually desperately craving a chocolate milkshake. (Neil, while motorcycling, travels in what amounts to a suit of black leather armor- gloves, pants, boots, heavy jacket, and full-face helmet. Hot weather + full-body armor means overheating, which means sweating more, which means dehydration.) He desperately searches for a Dairy Queen (claiming their milkshakes are at least consistently passable) but, failing to find one, stops at a roadside ice cream shack. He then complains about the "frozen glop of chocolate-flavored goo in a styrofoam cup claiming to be a milkshake" he was served in his journal for the day later on.
  • Ozzy Osbourne said in I Am Ozzy that when Black Sabbath started touring in the United States, he took a liking to pizza. At least once, his wife Sharon has had to warn people to keep him away from McDonald's because of his addiction to Big Macs, and on The Osbournes, he demonstrated a love for burritos and carrot cake. Parodies like depicting him as having a taste for, of course, bat heads. His trademark favorite food seems to change about once a week.
  • Swedish electronic music duo Dada Life have a thing for bananas.
  • John Deacon from [1] likes cheese on toast.
  • The Thin White Duke, David Bowie's 1970s persona, allegedly subsisted exclusively on red bell peppers, milk and cocaine.
  • Everyone in Aborted loves guacamole, and Danny is apparently unparalleled at making it. Additionally, Mendel apparently cannot resist ice cream, while Sven has an inordinate fondness for Voodoo Doughnut and makes a point of stocking up whenever he's in Portland, not that the donuts last very long.

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