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Trademark Favorite Food: Fanfiction
Calvin and Hobbes

Cross Over

Danny Phantom
  • In Facing The Future Series, Danielle is portrayed as really enjoying peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and goes nuts when any of it is interrupted.

Death Note

  • It's popular fanon in the Dinotopia fandom that raptors and certain other species love chocolate. It's in many a fanfic and roleplay.

  • In The Symphony Verse, Blaine loves chicken, to the point where his friends bring him chicken when he's sad even if it's not dinnertime, simply because it cheers him up.
  • The boys of Dalton Academy in Dalton are absolutely crazy about Kurt's cookies. Especially Windsor boys, but effective to Stuarts as well. Kurt has no idea why, stating that his cookies are normal, it's just that the people who eat them are off their rockers.

Harry Potter

Marvel Universe
  • In many Iron Man fics, Tony loves cheeseburgers.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • Deconstructed in Princess Celestia Hates Tea. Everyone in Equestria and beyond adamantly believes tea is Celestia's favorite beverage. When she tries to come clean and admits that she actually hates the stuff, her subjects refuse to believe it and accuse her of being the Changeling Queen or Discorded.

  • In Cori Falls's works, Jessie is insanely fond of French Toast to the point where James can soften her up in her worst moods just by preparing it. She also loves strawberry cheesecake. James is partial to Belgian waffles, Gary likes custard dishes. Meowth's love of fish is merely Stock Animal Diet at work. On the "villains" side, Tracey favors Mountain Dew and pretty much every junk food there is, while Ash is obsessed with cheeseburgers.

Star Trek
  • Stephen Ratliff's Marissa Picard, the youngest person to become Captain of the Enterprise (at age 9!) loves everything strawberry flavored. Jelly, ice cream, sodas, anything. She is particularly fond of strawberry juice.
  • In Bait and Switch (STO) Captain Kanril Eleya loves jumja sticks, a Bajoran sweet that resembles a large lollypop. In chapter three she makes a point of bringing a large takeout box of cooked, not replicated, jumja sticks back to her ship with her. Few chapters go by without at least a mention of them.

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