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Toys: LEGO Life On Mars
LEGO Life on Mars was a short-lived LEGO theme from 2001, and a subtheme of LEGO Space. Basically, a small group of human astronauts crash-landed on Mars, discovered Martians, and sat down and observed them for a while. It is unusual among LEGO Space themes for its stronger focus on exploration and discovery over combat, the human astronauts had no interest in conquering the martians and instead preferred to observe their lives.

This was the last true LEGO Space theme for several years, until its Spiritual Successor LEGO Mars Mission turned up in 2007. Unrelated to the TV show Life On Mars, though that would be awesome in its own right. Provides the Martians for Irregular Webcomic!.

LEGO Life on Mars provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): LEGO Life On Mars
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