Toy: Glyossystem

Glyos, more broadly referred to as the Glyos System, is a indie toy line/joint system produced by Onell Design.

Story Tropes:
  • Benevolent Precursors / Neglectful Precursors : The Delphi have helped some species advance (Armovors) while destroying others (Granthans).
  • Designated Hero : Metran and Glyaxia Command. Although they're stalwart defenders of the Glyos system, they have their fair share of questionable actions, such as destroying the ancient Sincroid homeworld and trying to create dimensional gates for war.
    • Glyaxia Command often capture Crayboths, creatures that are deceptively peaceful unless threatened, to probe them for information.
  • Eldritch Abomination : The Vilser, an extradimensional species composed mainly of tentacles who almost destroyed the Glyos system twice.
  • Mascot : Pheyden (and later Hades) is the "face" of the Glyos line since he was the first created character.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover : The Glyos joint system is used by several other toylines including Banimon, Outer Space Men, and Callgrim.
  • Multiverse / Timey-Wimey Ball : the Glyos system has many "times and dimensions," including Phanost's timeline, the horrible Vilser-infested dimension of Bio Pheyden, Zorennor, and the Stealth Dimension.

Toy Tropes:
  • Homage : The folks at Onell love these.
    • The metallic green Gendrones were a reference to Fisher-Price's Adventure People.
    • The new Syclodoc takes visual cues from MobileSuitGundam's Zakus and Battlestar Galactica's Cylons. In addition, one variant of the figure was made to unmistakably resemble Shockwave from The Transformers
    • The henshin wave was a tribute to Takara's Microman and Henshin Cyborg lines.
  • Kibbles And Bits : Some people use every single part of a set in their builds, which sometimes creates weird backpacks or huge guns with pieces sticking out everywhere.