Totally Radical / Web Original

  • The Nostalgia Chick makes a Running Gag of this in her Sister Act review, referring to the choir's "Urban Gangsta Flava!" Also used when she talks about TLC in another review. She's talking about their appeal to white audiences during a part featuring an actual black guy, and he says he thinks it was because of their, say it with us now, "Urban Gangsta Flava!"
    • Also comes up in her "Least Awful Disney Sequels" review:
    Aladdin: Alright!
    Aladdin!Chick: Radical!
  • The Nostalgia Critic invokes this in his review of Monster Squad, which he does with his own friends. This include Malcolm as the Token Minority who comes out with nothing but these. Reagon-omical!
  • The recaps on the Goosebumps blog Blogger Beware have a "R.L. Stine Is Down With The Kids" section which makes fun of the books' many dubious depictions of children's slang and activities.
  • In Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Cell tries to get 18 to let him absorb her by projecting an image of her brother trying to convince her to "get all up in Cell" by telling her "it's downright tubular in here." However, considering Cell's version of 17 sounded as stereotypically 90s as you can get, she's not fooled at all.
    18: Wow, you really know nothing about us.
    Cell: Well, to be fair, I did just meet you.
  • In an advertisement for an upcoming Game Grumps charity livestream, Arin embraced the Totally Radical attitude for laughs, completed with a 4/3 screen ratio and a rather bad image definition.
    "Tubular! Everything's tubular!! Made with TUUUUUBES!!!"
  • Shmoop is basically what Spark Notes would look like if it were written entirely in this style. As far as we can discern, yes, they are serious in doing so.